Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Abominable Snowman Walking the Streets in Wisconsin

Abominable Snowman Walking the Streets in Wisconsin

Winter has now set in across the Midwest of America and the Holidays are just around the corner. Here we find the elusive Abominable Snowman strolling down the streets of Wisconsin with a special message for folks...

Story by Ben Krumholz of WLUK News - Wisconsin.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bill Brock Bigfoot Drone Breakdown

Bill Brock Bigfoot Drone

Bill Brock of the Monsters Underground show and his partner A.J. are here to talk about Bigfoot drones. If you haven't noticed, drones/copters have become the new hot thing for Bigfoot research. They seem to work well for aerial surveillance of an area since they are usually equipped with a GoPro camera.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Roger Patterson Diary Proves Patterson/Gimlin Film a Hoax?

Henry May Patterson Gimlin Film Hoax

The Patterson/Gimlin Film is the centerpiece of Bigfoot evidence. For the last 47 years it has been debated and argued amongst the Bigfoot Community. Most Bigfoot believers consider the film legitimate and see it as proof of a giant bi-pedal creature roaming the North American woods.

Henry May is one of those believers and a huge Bigfoot enthusiast. Here we find him discussing some new information that has recently surfaced regarding Roger Patterson having a diary. Hopefully more information on the authenticity of this diary will surface in the near future.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Todd Standing Speaking at the Sasquatch Summit

Todd Standing Sasquatch Summit

Here is part 1 of Todd Standing speaking at the Sasquatch Summit in Ocean Shores, Washington.

Todd is a fast talker and seems to be captivating the audience at the Summit. Whether you love or hate the guy he has taken center stage in the Bigfoot world and it should be interesting to see how this all unfolds over time.

The Bigfoot Fraud of Todd Standing and Bigfoot North

Squatchers Lounge Podcast Todd Standing

Listen in to this special edition of the Squatchers Lounge Podcast as Jeff & Dave talk about the elephant in the room, Todd Standing. Todd just finished up his presentation this weekend at the Sasquatch Summit and consequently has been the talk of the Bigfoot World.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Todd Standing To Headline Sasquatch Summit

The big Sasquatch Summit event starts today! And from out of left field we have gotten word that Todd Standing will be the Saturday night headliner.

Despite the fact that many people in the Bigfoot community see him as a fraud, Todd is moving forward. His recent stint with Les Stroud on Survivorman, as well as latching onto Dr. Jeff Meldrum, has solidified him a top spot amongst the Bigfoot hierarchy. Todd will be showing his new feature film at the Summit as well as pushing his agenda for protection of the species. This was the original flyer for the event:

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Todd Standing Set To Release Feature Film: Bigfoot North

Todd Standing Film Primiere

Here it is folks. Todd Standing has just released the promo video for his upcoming feature film, Bigfoot North. The film will feature Dr. Jeff Meldrum as well as John Bindernagel and will chronicle Todd's research over the last 10 years. While many people think Todd is a hoaxer, there are still a number of people backing his claims as being legit. From what Todd says below, it appears Jeff Meldrum got to see a Sasquatch while out with Todd. Could this be an elaborate hoax that has fooled even the top-notch players in the field? Or could they be in on the hoax?  Or is Todd's footage legit?

Georgia Dash Cam Footage A Hoax?

Georgia Dash Cam Bigfoot

This dash cam footage was reportedly taken by a police department in north Georgia. The footage was featured on Finding Bigfoot and was seen as pretty compelling evidence by many in the field.

Now we have Zen Yeti's Michael Merchant giving his "breakdown" on the video. Michael makes some interesting points about the footage leading him to think it is just a hoax. The question I have is, do all police record the audio inside their cruisers?

It has been reported that in the following days after this event the police went to interview people living in that area, and apparently a couple of college kids admitted to running across the road in a Gorilla suit.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cliff Barackman Interviewed on Coast to Coast Radio

Cliff Barackman Interviwed on Coast to Coast Radio

Cliff Barackman of Finding Bigfoot is interviewed by George Noory on Coast to Coast AM Radio. It's been 6 long years since he was on the show and it's always good to hear what Cliff has to say about Bigfoot.

Cliff holds one of the largest collection of Bigfoot track casts in the world. While Finding Bigfoot may be working on its last season, Cliff isn't slowing down on his research. This is a true passion of his and I think we can expect to see more from Cliff as far as evidence and television goes.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ohio Bigfoot Hunters Set Up Trail Cams

Ohio Bigfoot Hunters Set Up Trail Cams

Tim Stover and his buddy Ed are part of the Ohio Bigfoot Hunters team. Tim has been very innovative with his approach to Bigfoot research in the past and I look forward to what he has to offer in the future. His "Project Black Horse" is just in its infancy stages but it looks promising. It is basically a Copter Drone equipped with a GoPro Camera.

Here we find Tim and Ed out scouting for places to put up a couple trail cams as winter sets in..